Crypto Banks Coming | Bitcoin Muscles In On Defi

As far as crypto has come since the broad market selloff in March, 2021 is being primed to be even more consequential for the industry. Now, with the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community looking forward to a slew of developments in 2021—including the much-anticipated launch of Facebook’s bitcoin-inspired cryptocurrency and potentially industry-defining U.S. cryptocurrency regulations— Wall Street giant Wells Fargo WFC -1.6% said it expects to be “discussing the digital asset space more” next year.

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DeFi: The Hot New Crypto Trend Of 2020

If you have ventured into crypto-twitter lately, you have probably stumbled upon discussions about DeFi and terms like ‘yield-farming’, ‘YAM’ and ‘yearn’. If this left you scratching your head, you are not alone. 

They say, the next big thing often starts out looking like a toy. And this just may be true of DeFi. 

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